Watch Twitter Wypadek Porsche Bez Głowy Uncensored Video


Watch Twitter Wypadek Porsche Bez Głowy Uncensored Video


Watch Wypadek Porsche Twitter Video with a link mentioned in the article.

What is Wypadek Porsche bez głowy controversy?

It is the a video of a Porsche 911 accident was posted on Twitter, showing the driver with his head c*t off. Unfortunately it has been removed. But, there is still a video of Porsche car damaged badly. The video of car is available publicly to watch. More details about the event is to come out yet.

One can see in the below video officials carrying car along with them for further investigation.

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This macabre accident was witnessed by drivers from Poland who captured the seconds right after the tragedy on the video. A few moments earlier, this car overtook them. Clearly agitated, they tried to decide what to do. At first glance, it was obvious that the man could not be saved.

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One of the drivers who witnessed the incident said with horror in his head that the man sitting in the crashed car had no head. Polish drivers were wondering how to secure a car rolling on the roadside so that it would not cause even greater danger.