Koopa Dance Trend on Tiktok


Koopa Dance Trend on Tiktok

Koopa Dance Trend on Tiktok
Koopa Dance Trend on Tiktok

TikTok is having a funny Koopa dance trend going viral that has made all love it. Well, we get various such funny trends viral on TikTok that’s sometimes a lip sync trend or sometimes a dance trend. Meanwhile, as the name of this trend suggests, it’s a dance trend that is going popular on the app.

Read ahead to know more about the viral TikTok’s Koopa dance trend.

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TikTok is obsessed over the Koopa dance trend

If you have been an active TikTok user, then you must have come across the obsession with a dance trend. Well, it similar is to the new Koopa dance trend too. Which is making everyone love it so much. This trend is about a character inspired by the popular video game Super Mario.

@frankiejustchillin ♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa

Here, in the trend, we get to see a turtle called Koopa doing a dance move. That has been loved by all to try in the viral Koopa dance trend. As more and more videos are being made on trying the viral Koopa dance trend with the steps of Koopa of the Super Mario game.

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How to try the Koopa dance trend of TikTok?

Now if you have seen the Super Mario game then you must have seen the turtle creature “ Koopa” in it. They stop to dance and that’s what the trend has been all about. For trying this viral Koopa trend you have to dance similarly.

@wadestokan #koopa #fyp #4u #foryou ♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa

But yes, there is a twist that makes it funnier and amusing. Where you have to make a video of yourself dancing in the mid of a serious or dangerous situation like Koopa. It’s only then that you’ll get to enjoy doing the trend.

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Users’ reaction to the Koopa dance trend of TikTok

Users have come across the Koopa character and its dance. While it was later turned into a trend with a serious situation added to it. So that the dance moves in the situation would look funnier. Like one of the videos was made thinking about how a Koopa would dance if it is in mid of fighting to get custody of its children.

Surely, the Koopa dance trend has made everyone love the trend a lot. As they have passed on the trend to others to try it as well while we have it growing more popular.

@_ludaloma alguien haga dúo de otro familiar peleando por favor // ig: ludaloma #ludaloma ♬ Bah Bah 2 – Koopa