Andrew Tate Is Back on Twitter


Andrew Tate Is Back on Twitter


Andrew Tate appears to have been unbanned on Twitter. Yesterday, the controversial influencer’s account made its first tweet in five years. News of his Twitter unban came shortly after the social media company’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, sent made a post discussing the platform’s new “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach” policy.

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Under the initial tweet, Musk announced the reinstatement of a handful of notable Twitter accounts, including comedian Kathy Griffin, media personality Jordan Peterson, and conservative satirical website The Babylon Bee. The Tesla CEO also stated that a decision on unbanning former United States president Donald Trump is yet to be made.

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Timeline of Andrew Tate’s Twitter ban

Following a successful career in kickboxing, the American-British internet personality made an appearance as a contestant on the reality show Big Brother in 2016. As a wider audience became familiar with Tate, he came under scrutiny for racist and other controversial posts made on his Twitter account. This resulted in many viewers calling for him to be pulled from the show.

Tate was removed from the seventeenth season of Big Brother after a mere six days on the show, but not for his controversial tweets. A video of him beating a woman with a belt surfaced on social media, quickly leading to his being pulled from the show. It is worth noting that both Tate and the lady in the video have claimed that the act was consensual.

It wasn’t until 2017 that Twitter finally banned Andrew Tate, following his highly controversial opinions regarding the #MeToo movement and what qualifies as sexual harassment or assault.

Andrew Tate created another account on the social media site, which stayed active long enough to be verified by the platform in 2021. However, it was this same verification that brought Tate’s attempt at ban evasion to Twitter’s attention. He was once again permanently banned from the platform, and a statement from Twitter claimed that the second account had been verified in error.