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Dubahub Video Leaked on Twitter

Dubahub Video Leaked on Twitter


Dubahub is a person who appeared in a video riding a skateboard while on the phone on a moving public transportation bus.

Although the Dubahub guy in the video has not yet been recognized, authorities are actively looking for him:

The city of Medelln, Antioquia, is looking for the person who was seen on camera skating while on the phone from the back of a moving public transportation vehicle. It took place in the capital city of Antioquia’s Santo Domingo district on what appears to be a steeply sloping road, increasing the hazards associated with this person’s act for which at least three subpoenas will be issued.

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Boy Riding Skateboard With Bus

But nobody knows what happens next as per our knowledge Authorities in Medellín, province of Antioquia, are looking for the boy that appears in the video.

The video becomes popular on social media and sparks all kinds of reactions, including memes, hilarity, and fury because the actors not only jeopardized their own lives and reputations but also the lives of other actors on the road.

Social media users responded differently to the video when it became popular. These activities are scheduled for Medellin over the holiday season. To ensure complete coexistence for both city inhabitants and the tourists who will go to Antioquia’s capital to commemorate the occasion of the year’s end, Medelln’s administration has provided a broad cultural agenda.

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So, the district has scheduled, among other things, the customary procession of myths and legends, Christmas illumination, an eight band competition, a middle dance, festivals with various musical elements, and private meetings.

Higher than 250,000 commuters are expected to enter the city between December and January, according to Eternal Spring, which is 28% more than was predicted the year before. The Medellin Tourism Intelligence System predicts that hotel occupancy in December will be higher than 80%, surpassing past records.

Dubahub video leaked on Twitter


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